Burrowing it’s name from a biography of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division and husband of the author Deborah Curtis, Touching From A Distance is a collection representing a study and realization of how art, friendship, family and love in general touches us even from afar.

It is the touching of the soul via a photo, a song, a book, a movie transporting us back to a special moment that has had an impact on us.

Years ago, I saw a short film titled "Recife Frio" and in this movie, a lady with her striking beauty and powerful voice as she sang took me way back to my childhood— I became immediately enamored, love at first sight. Her name is Lia de Itamaracá.

In this collection, I was honored to have the incomparable Lia model some of my looks and be featured in a videoclip to promote Touching From A Distance.

My gratitude to Lia and her team is priceless. For me, this is one of the strongest moments yet in my career because I was so deeply touched— at first by Lia’s stunning image on a computer screen and then, when we finally met in person.

Lia’s pride, her music, her importance to the Brazilian culture, her beautiful skin, her giving soul, her smile all made me fall in love again with Brazil and it's people.

Like my past collections, I don’t plan colors, shapes nor follow trends. It's all free spirited and very focused on how I feel at the moment, scissors in hand while cutting a garment, a pattern or making a collage.

The photoshoot for a collection is always an excuse to travel with my team and enjoy the breathtaking places we visit. The exception is in this life altering moment of quarantine from the Corona Virus. "Social distancing" is the safest way to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and a beautiful poem, a song, a long relaxing phone call where we don’t have to apologize for being too busy to keep in touch is Touching From A Distance.

Photos by: Ravmes