The title "Soft Seduction" came after the collection and photo shoot were done. It's inspired by a David Byrne song. When I first heard the song, I tried not to pay too much attention to who was singing or what the song was about, but rather to focus on how it reached my ears.

For the collection I needed the ideas to come to me without any pressure and as free as they should be. I needed them to come as a "Soft Seduction". I wanted it to be like the first pieces I did in my life, to have the same enthusiasm, to be faithful to me and my work so that I could always appreciate it. Living between Brazil and the United States, where the seasons are different always different, I decided to gather the four seasons in a single collection. I gave myself "Poetic License" to do so.

With chromotherapy in mind, I moved away from the blacks and grays and gloomy atmosphere of NYC and made a very colorful collection. I used brocades, cotton, silk, viscose, wool, and many different textures and used whatever was close to me when I was cutting a piece of clothing. I was excited and having a lot of fun making the pieces. Soon after I traveled with my team to Piranhas, in the Northeast. We photographed in the small town and also in the Xingó Canyon, always looking for more colors and innocence that we easily find when we are far from the big cities. The photo session was, once again, led by the talented Ravaneli Mesquita with his poetic vision of life, MUA and hair styling was entrusted to our faithful friend Antonio Quiroz, our model was Letícia Costa, from Amazing Models, capable of interpreting all looks like a real Hollywood golden age actress. My life partner, Juan Ripoll, was responsible for the management and logistics of our fruitful adventure. It would be fair to say, as in the song, "it got us exactly where we needed to be". The Fashion video was beautiful and with a short film atmosphere. Poetic and honest. I am extremely proud of our team

Knee length shirt dress with short batwing sleeves. Made with Viscose and Silk

Silk tafeta one shoulder top with ruffles and brocade balloon skirt

Fitted viscose top with back zipper and viscose and african cotton and silk wrap skirt

Shirtdress with Cashew fruit embroidered on Indian guaze and silk details

Cropped jacket with 3/4 sleeves made with cottons, silks, linen and Japanese Kimono. Mother of pearl buttons

Printed viscose/linen shirtdress with silk charmeuse details

Two tiers shirt dress in printed Indian gauze and details in silk charmeuse

Slashed fleece, cotton, viscose lining and leather closure coat with oversized collar

Viscose Jersey Caftan

Pleated fitted silk dress with side drape

Tulip skirt with side pockets. Made with cotton, viscose, Italian silk and linen

Viscose gored dress

Silk brocade jacket and silk lace pants

Boiled wool coat with detachable collar and apliques with Mokuba ribbons

Boxy jacket trimmed with crepe back satin and cotton. Patchwork made with Chanel's tweed samples

Navy and gold top and crepe pants

Silk brocade Rembrant jacket with balloon sleeves

Printed silk organza shirt with details in viscose

Brocade A-line jacket with bell sleeves

Brocade fitted jacket with details in faux fur and mother of pearl bottons

Crepe back satin and viscose shirt with lace skirt

Pleated fitted silk dress with side drape

Reversible silk jacket with lace details