NO RHYME NOR REASON Fall/Winter 2022

"I am not led, I lead"; present in the coat of arms of the city of São Paulo or SAMPA, as many like to call the most populous city in Brazil, has a very special meaning to me.

The continuation of an itinerant project to record Brazilian-inspired fashion collections brought me and my team to SAMPA. Sao Paulo is the city that welcomed me, taught me, gave me friends that I will always carry in my heart, and it also showed me the hard reality of life in a big city.

I lived in São Paulo between 1987 and 1992. I worked a lot in the archives of a major newspaper and in a TV station and in my spare time I went to the cinema, art galleries, to the theater and to concerts with friends, but I did not pay enough attention to the architecture and much less to fashion.

Now after so long, I'm back with a keen eye to do the photoshoot of the "NO RHYME, NOR REASON" collection. As the name implies, it doesn't need logic or reason to be, it just is. Photos were taken at iconic points around Sampa, such as the Copan building, Parque da Independência, the Liberdade and consolação neighborhoods, Avenida Paulista and the Luz train station.

I teamed up once again with my dear friend Ravaneli Mesquita who took charge of the photography and video making.

I hope you like the collection.