The GENTLE STILLNESS collection is inspired by a homage to the Japanese culture especially Butoh dance and one of its creators, Kazuo Ohno. This collection uses mostly fabrics gifted to me by Akiko, a lady who I recall meeting only once in an elevator. Akiko had to suddenly return to Japan to take care of her dying mother. She closed her studio never to come back and left Kimonos, Muslin, Fabrics, etc. with me. That's when this collection started to take shape. In our fashion film that immediately follows the collection, we used slow, improvised hand and body movements typically used in Butoh dance. For our photoshoot, we choreographed imaginary movies by Akira Kurosawa that incorporate landscapes vast in solitude and eternal beauty. Brazil has the largest black population outside of Africa and the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. We needed to highlight that too, so photos were mostly captured on location from Vale to Catimbau National Park where many Quilombos still exist. An unusual and inspiring combination of textures, colors, cultures and history, THE GENTLE STILLNESS Collection also signifies taking a relaxing stroll where beauty, tranquility, friendship and contemplation are the most meaningful reasons for a leisurely promenade... Ignoring technique and structure to do what feels right by everyone involved in the creative process fully understanding that to lead, we must also follow.

Photos by: Ravmes